It seems the trendy noodle/ramen restaurant concept is finally hitting Rochester. Ramen grub has increased popularity in large cities like New York and Chicago over the past few years.

I’ve visited Furoshiki, a ramen-style restaurant on Park Ave (located in the old Piranha Sushi space) several times since it opened a little more than a month ago. After several months of passerbys being taunted by a “Ramen Revolution Coming” sign, it’s finally here, and it’s great.

Their menu includes a handful of ramen soups, unique sandwiches with meat, tofu and avocado, salads with Calamari, kale, steak and avocado, small plates with chicken and beef skewers, classic Pan Asian dishes and tofu, delicious sides and basic desserts. Plus, many asian and saki cocktails.

As not much of a noodle or soup person myself, I absolutely love Furoshiki’s food, soup included.

The restaurant is very small and comfortable, plus a full bar. Probably only seats around 30-40 people. Servers are familiar as I’ve seen them in multiple other restaurant in the Park Ave area. Very common since there’s owner cross-over amongst restaurants.

They’re also veggie-freindly with plenty of non-meat alternatives! Plus, the portions are big. I’m a fan of that since I enjoy getting my money’s worth when it comes to food. SPeaking of money, we’re talking reasoable. Very, very reasonable especially since your dinner will probably turn into the next day’s lunch.

Tempura Fried Green Beans $4
The side ginger sauce was to die for. No grease, all deliciousness.

My dinner
Miso Soup: pork bone or veggie broth + miso + ramen + scallion + egg + corn + greens + sprouts (veggie broth pictured) $9
unnamed (7)

Friend’s dinner
Pork Bone Ramen: pork bone broth + ramen + grilled pork + scallion + egg + greens + sprouts $10
unnamed (3)

Friend’s dinner
Small Plate (yea right): White Meat Sesame Chicken with White Rice $10
unnamed (1)

We packed up leftovers for reheated lunch the next day.

I bought a Groupon for Furoshiki (love it!) and went again with David.

My dinner
Crispy Calamari Salad: flash fried calamari + organic greens + crispy sweet potato + vinaigrette $9 (substituted dressing for Ginger dressing)

On a previous visit I had the Calamari salad with the vinaigrette and couldn’t stand it. Simply a taste preference. It was laced with Wasabi and I can’t handle that taste. The Ginger is a great creamy, flavorful dressing substitute. This is officially one of my favorite salads in Rochester. I love Calamari.

All I have to say is Go, Go, Go! You will not be dissapointed.

Check out Furoshiki on Facebook here.
My friend Emily at Greens and Granola also wrote about Furoshiki, read it!

Food 5/5
Price 5/5
Experience 3/5

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4 Thoughts on “furoshiki: restaurant review

  1. That looks awesome!! Especially the green beans, yum!
    Ashley recently posted…Cats, Hockey, and BBQMy Profile

  2. OH HEY! Thanks for the shout out ;) Mmmm those green beans
    Emily @ Greens and Granola recently posted…I have a problem.My Profile

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