Coffee With Kate

There is little space in our world for women to be okay with imperfection. We’re increasingly pressured to be thinner, stronger, more organized, better dressed, better cooks, better everything!  While there is ALWAYS room and need for growth, our identity and our worth cannot be boiled down to the superficial.  There will also ALWAYS be someone thinner, stronger, more organized, better dressed… We’re striving and stressing to attain the unattainable.  We’re beating ourselves up for falling short of the ever moving line of perfection.  The stress and the striving moves us further and further rather than closer and closer as we come down hard on ourselves for not arriving yet.  Even at the rare times when we do“arrive”…the satisfaction is usually short-lived as the world is quick to point out the other areas rather than celebrate the accomplishment.

Coffee dates have created that small space for accepting imperfection…for accepting where I am, who I am…

Its all too easy to feel isolated.  To feel as if no one understands.  To feel as if I’m the only one who’s struggling.  Maybe it’s the feeling of noway out or that we’ve messed up too big to recover or to be forgiven this time.  But that is not truth.  So many times when I’ve felt this way, just a coffee date with a friend who says “me too!” or “you’re NOT crazy”  or just shares a different perspective has given me hope and encouragement.  Its given me a new perspective even when my circumstances have not changed one bit.  Maybe they have not experienced exactly the same struggle or faced the same issue, but they often re-frame things or show me a new perspective that is invaluable.  Just having someone care makes all the difference!  I want to be your coffee date!  AND I want to encourage you to be someone else’s coffee date!

This blog will be our coffee date. Sometimes you won’t be going through the exact thing being discussed, but you will hear about God’s provision. You will hear something you can use to encourage someone else.  And hopefully, you’re going to laugh!  Not necessarily because I am so funny, but because I am a dork.  I can be awkward.  I’m  honest about it.  That’s how it has to be, though.  Laugh with me. Laugh at me. Laugh at yourself.  It changes your perspective.  And that is often times all that is needed to keep going a little longer. In addition to a bit of encouragement and laughter, I hope to offer  tangible ways of extending encouragement and support to those who need it.