Happy February … kind of crazy it’s already a new month! Although New Year’s seems like a long time ago. This weekend I did some traveling to my mom’s hometown of Endwell, NY. A small-ish town in Binghamton, NY.

It was a Girl’s Weekend with my Aunt and cousin, who drove up from Philly.

I got to “All’s well in Endwell” around 1 p.m. and picked up a Subway salad before going to my grandparent’s house to meet my aunt.

I actually really love Subway’s chopped salads. I need to make them at home much more often. Chopped salads really taste better to me and are easier to eat. No heapingly large slices of lettuce.

The salad had banana peppers, cucumbers, a few jalapenos, peppers and some Parmesan on top with my favorite Sweet Onion dressing plus light ranch.

If done correctly, Subway can actually be a decent choice when trying to eat light or veggie-heavy. Their veggie delight sub is my absolutely favorite sandwich there. They’ve got a handy guide at the beginning of the ordering station, so take a look at that next time you’re in line! It’s usually on the glass case.

As soon as my cousin got in, we went Antiquing around town. One of our favorite things to do. We we doing some wedding decor shopping for my cousin! So exciting to hear all about the wedding.

Our plans for the night were to go to our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE pizza joint and then go to a locally run play at the Endicott Cider Mill. Amazing donuts there in the fall by the way.

Consul’s pizza. Our unlisted artichoke white pizza and class cheese with red sauce. There’s just something so spectacular about this place’s pizza. Have you ever felt that way about a pizza place near you?

The play was a hilarious British farce (dramatic comedy full of buffoonery and ridiculous situations). There’s something so special about going to a small town and doing things and eating at places that are so comforting. No expectations on what I needed to wear or eat or anyone to impress. Just good times and laughs with my family in a place I’ve grown up visiting and loving. Refreshing.

Love my grandparent’s house.

More antiquing … needless to say I was antiqued out.

We ate breakfast first at a Greek diner. I got an egg white omelette with light cheddar cheese and peppers.

Made our way to Owego for epic antiquing. Owego is a beautiful, small town with thriving local businesses. It’s full of bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques/gift stores. It was actually rated #1 for America’s Coolest Small Town back in 2009.

In the early afternoon I made my way back to Rochester. Realizing I forgot my wallet in Endwell along the way home. Thank god for priority shipping and thank god I had some cash to get me home! Could have been worse that’s for sure.

While the Superbowl is on I attempted to make a Soy flour pizza crust. It was pretty dry and hard to wash down. Oh, and it burned a bit.

I bought the flour on a whim a while back and have been wanting to give it a try as a gluten free GF option. I’m not GF but I like exploring other avenues of health and diet. Plus, it’s always useful to know GF recipes in case you have a family member or friend who is GF.

As far as the Super Bowl is going .. I’m not too impressed with the commercials (that’s all I watch). But then again I am sort of half watching. Actually, mostly not watching. I love going to Super Bowl parties and eating delicious food but this year I’m happy just vegging out since I only made my way back to Rochester this evening.
soy pizza

I want to hear from you!
Do you have a favorite pizza place?
Superbowl thoughts?
Soy flour recipes or experiences?

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4 Thoughts on “weekend recap 1/31 – 2/2

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely quaint weekend :) I’m still searching for my perfect pizza place in Paris…it’s suprising the lack of quality pizzas here, especially given that Italy is just next door!

    And I agree, Subway is seriously underrated–I love their salads too.
    Jess @ The Baguette Diet recently posted…La Chandeleur + healthy crêpe recipeMy Profile

    • I’d say hop the border and grab some real, good Italian pizza :) You must be experiencing and trying so many things though in France though! Envious…

  2. Aww sounds like such a fun weekend!! We made pizza last night too. I learned the hard way that you should pre-cook vegetables before putting them on the pizza… our peppers/onions made the pizza super soggy! whooooops. Owego sounds awesome, now I want to check it out!!
    Ashley recently posted…Cats, Hockey, and BBQMy Profile

    • I’ve definitely done that before! Homemade pizza is some serial trial and error … sometimes just easier to order :( Wegmans makes great pre-packaged dough though. Check it out!

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