I was Philly livin’ this past weekend! My weekend started a bit earlier than usual as I jetted out of a busy Thursday at work at 3 p.m. and drove to visit David in Philly.

First one at work Thursday so I could scoot out a few hours early. I actually enjoy being early at the office. Peace and quiet.


It’s a tough drive (about 5.5 hours) but so worth it. I hadn’t been to Philly since November because David was home so frequently for the holidays over Dec/Jan. Since he’s moved we’ve been lucky and only gone around 3-4 weeks without seeing each other. Lucky I know but it’s still really, really hard. And it gets harder to say goodbye after every visit.

I LOVE Philly. I’m definitely a bigger city girl at heart. There’s so much to do and see and I love the vibe of most cities.

Dave lives in University City, a college part of town. It’s great because it’s super close to campus and convenient but it’s a very young part of the city with lots of undergrads. Would be great if Dave was a freshman in college but he isn’t!


When I got there around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, I had some Valentine’s Day gifts waiting for me!


The orchid is beautiful and low maintenance so hopefully I don’t kill it. Dave’s actually an epic gift giver :) He said he wanted to get me a flower I could bring back with me from Philly and put in my apartment or bring to work long-term.

And dinner! Stir fry and pan-seared salmon. The best.


I also brought David some whole wheat lofthouse-style sugar cookies. Extremely fluffy and soft … almost bread-like. I was seriously obsessed with these cookies and ate quadruple what he did. I’m still working on the recipe so I will share it soon hopefully!


David went to class for a few hours Friday morning so I ventured out to get some Starbucks Hanson Milk Tea. There’s one a few blocks from his apartment so it was easy peasy.


Made perfectly.


And this…


When he got back from class we ate a quick tuna and avocado lunch and headed to the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum. They had a Dino exhibit :)



And a SWEET butterfly room! They were everywhere it was the coolest thing. We learned a lot about butterflies from the volunteer working in the room. I had no idea they only lived about a week. They also have the craziest colors and designs. One had two pictures of a owl and one of a snake on it’s wings. It was insane and so cool. If you ever have a chance to visit a museum with a butterfly room I definitely recommend a visit.


Being touristy.



Stopped at Whole Foods and got some PB2 Chocolate. This stuff is great. Read my review on PB2 here.


Thought these look interesting. Anyone ever try? I think you can eat them like oatmeal or use as an added crunch or bread crumb for cooking.


In the evening we met up with some of David’s friends at one of Steven Starr’s restaurants, El Rey. Steven Starr is a huge restaurateur in Philly and owns over 20 restaurants in the city, plus more in NYC and NJ. And they’re all so good … well I’ve only been to three so far but I’ve been impressed with each one! They’ve all got their own funky personalities and themes.

El Rey served Mexican-style cuisine and had a pretty good happy hour with $4 margs. Dave and I split some amazingly delicious nachos that I didn’t photograph. The restaurant was very dark!



Legs = dead from all the walking today.

Dave hit the library Saturday morning for a view hours so guess what I did?


Then he got home and we …


And went to the famous Italian Market in the Bella Vista neighborhood. It’s the oldest outdoor running market in the country. It’s truly an amazing place. It’s quite a ways from David’s apartment but it’s worth the trip to go walk around and visit, although we don’t take advantage of the great fresh produce prices because we’d have to lug it all back.


In addition to fresh produce, meat and seafood there’s still some traditional Italian markets and shops with fresh pasta, cheese, olives and meats. I’ve never been to Italy but I genuinely felt like I was in an Italian village when we went into some of the shops. They seemed so authentic.




Picked up some cheese and olives to snack on.


And then we ventured up to another famous market, Reading Terminal Market. It’s essentially a big covered market with vendors and shops. I would love to work near this place and stop for lunch there every day! It reminds me of The Covered Market in Oxford I went to all of the time when I studied there.




We dorkily watched Last Vegas. It actually had some pretty funny parts. and Morgan Freeman is like amazing to watch. He’s like God I swear.

Ugh, goodbye and boring drive back.

Always too short.

Baked and made a batch of butternut squash black bean enchiladas for dinner and leftover dinner for the next few days. I have a feeling it’s going to be a busy week so I’m trying to get ahead of it as best as possible.




I want to hear from you!
Anyone ever been to Philly?
How was your weekend?
Have you ever made homemade Mayo (random, I know)?

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6 Thoughts on “weekend recap 2/6 – 2/9: philly livin’

  1. Sounds like a super busy (but fun!) weekend :) It’s funny you mention homemade mayo, I’ve been randomly thinking about trying to make some lately, please share if you find a good recipe!
    Jess @ The Baguette Diet recently posted…Roasted cauliflower soupMy Profile

  2. Such a cute weekend! We explore cities like you and David– just by walking EVERYWHERE. When we went to philly last year we walked somewhere around 10 miles that day, I think. I was ridiculously tired by the end, but it was an awesome way to see everything!
    Ashley recently posted…Fun DiscoveriesMy Profile

  3. I went to Philly a long time ago when I was little – I’d like to go back!
    Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes recently posted…Ten Easy Desserts That Will Impress Your ValentineMy Profile

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